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           Lisanatti® vegetarian cheese alternatives are known for their exceptional texture, flavor, and melting performance. Many natural products retailers in the USA list 'The Good Health Cheese Alternatives® in their top sellers and consumers tell us our high quality products are a staple in their households.

           Lisanatti® Foods, family owned and operated in Oregon since 1977, produces several varieties of high quality cheese alternatives:  THE ORIGINAL Almond®, PREMIUM Soy-Sation® and RICECHEEZE® SNACK STICKS™. We have been using organic and non-GMO ingredients for many years and source the finest ingredients commercially available.

           Lisanatti® cheese alternatives are easy to use in favorite recipes as a cholesterol-free, gluten-free substitute for traditional dairy cheese. For dietary changes to improve health, our vegetarian cheese alternatives contain no Trans fats or saturated fats, are low in sodium and good sources of calcium and protein.

For a healthier diet we invite you to enjoy one delicious bite at a time! 

Lisanatti® - The Good Health Cheese Alternative®

Lisanatti: The Good Health Cheese Alternative

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